Typical Immigration Medical Exam Protocols

Concerning immigration, one of the essential requirements is passing an examination by a doctor. Medical screenings are mandatory for those who are considered refugees, as well as for people who are only authorized to stay in the country temporarily. The results must be sent to the Canadian department of government in charge of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship. You must take several predetermined medical tests to verify that they meet the requirements.

What should you expect from a regular physical exam?

This article will take you through the immigration medical exam process that you should be familiar with regarding the procedure, and seek further information about it and the process. For starters, they’ll need to perform a general physical exam to determine if you’re physically fit and healthy. A drug test will also be required so that they can decide whether or not you are free of any harmful chemicals. The next step involves an exam of the eyes to assess the condition of your eyesight. The techniques used to conduct these tests are described below.

Physical Exam

Immigration medical panel doctors in Ottawa can determine whether you are physically fit and healthy based on comprehensive physical exam results. They may request that you do specific exercises and stretches on the treadmill. Your height, weight, and other physical aspects will be assessed. Your body mass index will be determined using the measurement (BMI). You should go without food for a few hours before the physical examination. If you want to avoid bloating, you must cut back on the amount of water you drink.

Drug Test

Urine samples are usually collected for drug testing. It is essential to avoid contacting any potentially harmful substances that could cause positive test results. Ensure you get plenty of fluids in your system before the test, especially if you are struggling to urinate while under pressure. Before going in for this health checkup, it’s likely to be best to consume healthy foods and drinks while avoiding alcoholic beverages.

Eye Exam

Your site is an essential indicator of how your health is in good shape. Eye specialists at medical for immigration are the ones who examine your eyes and determine your ability to see. They will need to be aware of this information to decide whether or not it is suitable for them to take part in specific actions with you, like driving. During your eye examination, you’ll typically be asked to read the text of various sizes, identify patterns and colors and test different lenses to see which one most effectively meets your vision needs.


Immigration Citizenship, Refugees, and Canada’s government department demand a medical exam. You could be required to submit the results of your medical examination if you fall into this category. Some treatment options include an examination for drugs, general physical checkups, and eye tests. It is advised to avoid eating for a few hours before the exam and refrain from drinking excessively, as this can cause bloating. However, staying hydrated and eating a balanced diet is also essential before medical exams.

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