Services We Can Expect from Full-Service Veterinary Hospitals

Whether our fur babies are cats or dogs, we need to be constantly ready when home care is insufficient. Yes, we do provide them with healthy food and exercise, give them baths, and do not skip on loving hugs. We keep them warm when it’s cold and make them comfortable when it’s hot.

It is necessary to keep a full-service veterinarian’s details on hand because there will be moments when we will need them. We may not constantly be there for our family pets’ needs, but we can be sure that there are professionals who can help. Full-service vets can provide holistic care and the precise help our family pets need. 

Medical Care

Medical services can range from consultations to vaccinations to major and minor surgeries such as an emergency dog orthopedic surgery or a doctor-assisted delivery for a cat. Vets can perform routine wellness checkups. Regular visits to the vet must always be a priority for every pet owner. These ensure that our family pets are well, and they can detect the very first signs of any sickness.

Full-service hospitals can immediately run tests and find a medical diagnosis if our family pets show any symptoms. This way, we can prevent our family pets from getting ill or administer medication for the first stages of health problems. Medical services offered by these hospitals also include cancer treatment, therapy, and alternative medicine.

Oral Care

Similar to humans, pets also need veterinary dentistry services. Oral health is usually a challenging aspect for pet owners, as a lot of our pets hate brushing. An oral examination should be part of our pets’ health program, even at least yearly. Our pets need to be fully sedated during an extensive check and cleaning need, and your trusted vet is the one to go to.

Dental cleaning may slow down tooth decay for even the most stubborn pets. The teeth and gums might also indicate whether our pets are healthy or not. To prevent any long-term concerns, our veterinarians may do examinations and x-rays and offer us even more recommendations when essential.


Of course, we can keep our pets clean and well-groomed at home. We can wash them and brush their fur. Nevertheless, in some cases, we may not have the abilities, or there are possibilities that we may neglect something critical. Without correct knowledge and training, we may even end up harming our precious pets.

In that case, let the professionals groom your pets routinely. Aside from fur trimming and bathing, the groomers in full-service veterinarian hospitals can also check if your pets have potential skin or health concerns. Grooming services might include cutting and filing of claws, ear cleaning, and anal sac draining, and it guarantees that pets are inspected from top to toe.


In cases when the fur parents need to be somewhere else for some period of time, such as getaways or emergencies, we can be secure when we leave our precious pets at our veterinarians’. There are even full-service hospitals that provide such first-class accommodations, which makes going away easier for the owners.

Boarding services may even be beneficial, especially for pets requiring medication and are on a specific diet plan, instead of leaving our pets with friends or family. Pets are monitored around the clock and given time to exercise, play, and interact socially. Visit the Canyon Animal Hospital for a list of exemplary services.

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