Services a Water Restoration Company Provides and How Long It Takes

Water infiltration in the home may happen in the blink of an eye. When this happens, it causes structural damage and may also result in the loss of important and sensitive personal possessions and pricey equipment and appliances.

Whether due to plumbing errors, natural catastrophes such as hurricanes and floods, or fire suppression, a skilled water damage restoration business should handle the destruction caused by water damage.

What Services Does a Water Restoration Company Provide?

A reputable Water Damage Restoration in Naples business handles the aftermath of various water problems, including leaks and floods. They also clean up after themselves, assess your house and property for potential damage, and guarantee that repairs are done safely and completely. Although every homeowner’s circumstance is different, a water restoration firm often handles water-related concerns like:

  • Professional water extraction by restoration contractors near me, which is meant to avoid more damage by swiftly removing up to thousands of gallons of water, may also be included in flood cleaning.
  • Mold may be found all around your house. Rapid cleanup and removal may help to reduce associated health and safety risks.
  • Sewage remediation involves the use of antibacterial and other disinfecting agents.
  • Contaminated furniture, rugs, and other possessions must be dried or removed. Services may also involve wood floor drying or removal, depending on the degree of the damage.
  • Document drying aids in the preservation of vital papers and sentimental things such as pictures and letters.
  • Water damage restoration companies may do or supervise repairs such as roofing, drywalling, and electrical wiring.

How long will it take for my restoration to be completed?

While it is impossible to provide a precise schedule without seeing your house, a professional, experienced repair business recognizes the importance of time when dealing with water damage. It would help if you tried to dry up the flooded section of your house within three to five days following the water incursion. 

If you wait too long, you may face additional issues like mold and foundation damage. Suppose the water damage restoration business you’re speaking with provides 24-hour emergency services. In that case, it’s typically a good indicator that they’ll be able to respond quickly to prevent more damage to your house.

Of course, every homeowner desires that their property be cared for as quickly as feasible. Following an inspection of your home’s damage and determination of the project’s scope by a restoration firm, the following is normally done:

  • Temporary safeguards prevent future water entry and harm. Restoration businesses often employ board-ups and tarps.
  • Pumps and vacuum machines, for example, may remove hundreds of gallons of water. This method reduces the danger of mold formation and may shorten the drying time.
  • Venting methods, industrial humidifiers, and air movers are used to dehumidify and dry the air.
  • Odors may be removed by cleaning and sanitizing using disinfectant treatments. In the case of black water damage, impacted things may need to be removed.
  • A trained contractor may execute repairs and restoration services such as repairing drywall and performing foundation repairs.


Don’t be hesitant to ask if you have any concerns or need clarification on anything throughout the restoration process. Finally, remember that the water damage repair equipment employed might be rather loud. Depending on how long the work will take, you, your family, and your pets may need to find other temporary housing.

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