Dominion Atlantic Railway

Passenger train service

Kingsport - Canning - Centreville - Kentville
in Kings County, Nova Scotia

Effective 25 September 1949

Dominion Atlantic Railway
Passenger Train Schedule

Effective on and after 25 September 1949
Atlantic Standard Time

Daily except Sunday
No. 12 miles km Station No. 14
7:30am 0.0   0.0   Dp.   Kingsport   Dp. 1:15pm
7:34am 1.7   2.7   Pereau 1:19pm
7:39am 2.9   4.7   Canning 1:24pm
7:44am 4.4   7.1   Hillaton 1:29pm
8:01am 6.4   10.3   Sheffield Mills 1:35pm
8:06am 7.5   12.1   Ford Crossing 1:38pm
8:10am 8.8   14.2   Centreville 1:42pm
8:17am 10.9   17.6   Mill Village 1:48pm
8:21am 12.0   19.3   Aldershot 1:52pm
8:30am 13.6   21.9   Ar.   Kentville   Ar. 2:00pm
Return Trip
No. 11 No. 13
11:30am 0.0   0.0   Dp.   Kentville   Dp. 4:00pm
11:36am 1.6   2.6   Aldershot 4:06pm
11:39am 2.7   4.3   Mill Village 4:09pm
11:46am 4.8   7.7   Centreville 4:16pm
11:50am 6.1   9.8   Ford Crossing 4:20pm
11:54am 7.2   11.6   Sheffield Mills 4:24pm
11:59am 9.2   14.8   Hillaton 4:29pm
12:05pm 10.7   17.2   Canning 4:35pm
12:09pm 11.9   19.1   Pereau 4:39pm
12:15pm 13.6   21.9   Ar.   Kingsport   Ar. 4:45pm

These trains were powered by coal-burning steam locomotives.
Train no. 12 carried students from the Kingsport-Canning-Sheffield Mills
area  to  the  Kentville  Academy  (high  school)  in  the  morning,
and Train no. 13 took them back home at the end of the school day.
The morning train schedule was arranged to arrive at Kentville
in time for the beginning of the school day, and the afternoon
schedule departed Kentville after classes ended.

Source: — Thanks to Mr. Harold Woodman, Wolfville
DAR Public Timetable taking effect 12:01am, Sunday, September 25, 1949.
Issued under the authority of A.A. Dunphy, Manager, Kentville.

• This timetable shows all stations.
• These trains were scheduled to match the Kentville school class times; high school students living in the Kingsport - Canning - Centreville areas travelled to Kentville for their daily classes (in the 1940s these trains supplied the student transportation service now performed by school buses operated by the school board).
• Mill Village is now (2013) called Steam Mill, and Ford Crossing is Gibson Wood.
• These trains originated at Kingsport; the locomotive remained in Kingsport overnight.

Nova Scotia: DAR passenger train timetable, Kentville - Kingsport, effective 25 Sep 1949
DAR passenger train timetable, Kentville - Kingsport
Effective 25 September 1949

The above timetable refers to "mixed" trains.  A mixed train carried both passengers and freight.  Along its route, the train would stop at stations to pick up and drop passengers, and it would switch sidings wherever there were freight cars to be 'set out' or taken away.  These mixed trains had a passenger car to accomodate any passengers who wanted to travel along that route, also they would take freight cars from Kentville for delivery to sidings (mostly apple warehouses) along the way, and they would take away from sidings any freight cars that had been emptied or filled and were ready to go.  Mixed Trains were not a fast way to travel, but in the time before automobiles they offered dependable, comfortable, low-cost transportation.  During the 1930s mixed trains experienced a decline in passenger traffic – this trend continued after World War Two (1939-1945) and in the 1950s and 1960s most of them disappeared from Nova Scotia railways.

The above timetable includes five "flag stops."  A request stop or flag stop is a station at which trains stop only on an as-needed basis, that is, only if there are passengers to be picked up or dropped off.

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