Dominion Atlantic Railway
Bear River Bridge

Digby County, Nova Scotia

Dominion Atlantic Railway: Bear River Bridge, Digby County, Nova Scotia, 24 Mar 2012

Dominion Atlantic Railway    Bear River Bridge
24 March 2012   3:42pm ADT

Moving the utility barge out of the way, and then moving the A-frame barge into position, has taken
a lot of time.  It is now more  than  two  hours  past high tide, and the water surface is falling rapidly,
at a  rate of  one foot  [30cm]  every  nine  minutes.   Is the A-frame hoist block still far enough above
the bridge span to provide adequate vertical working space?  Maybe at this moment, but in half an hour
the water surface, and the barge with the hoist, will go down a full metre [three feet], and it will not be
possible to lift the span off of the pier.  What to do?  The men are conferring on the utility barge.
This photograph was taken about 2¼ hours after high tide.

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