Dominion Atlantic Railway
Bear River Bridge

Digby County, Nova Scotia

Dominion Atlantic Railway: Bear River Bridge, Digby County, Nova Scotia, 24 Mar 2012

Dominion Atlantic Railway    Bear River Bridge
24 March 2012   4:02pm ADT

The  decision  has  been  made.   It  is  now  2½ hours  past  high  tide.
The tide has  fallen  too far, and the  lifting  of this plate girder span cannot be done
on this  tide  cycle.  The A-frame  hoist  has been  pulled  up  as far as  possible, and
there is not  enough  working  space  for placing the chains attached to the lower end
of the slings.  The heavy  lift  slings  must be  left  hanging  from the A-frame  overnight,
while the sea surface falls about 23 feet – the tidal range is now close to the maximum –
to low tide at 7:43pm, then rises about 23 feet to high tide at 1:50am, then falls about
23 feet to low tide at 8:03am, and then rises about 23 feet to the next high tide in
daylight at 2:11pm tomorrow.  These workmen must arrange things now so that
no damage is done while all this slow but  unavoidable  vertical movement is
carrying the hoist slings up and down in close proximity to the bridge span,
with nobody on site to keep watch in case there is an unforseen problem.

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