Dominion Atlantic Railway
Bear River Bridge

Digby County, Nova Scotia

Dominion Atlantic Railway: Bear River Bridge, Digby County, Nova Scotia, 13 Dec 2011

Dominion Atlantic Railway    Bear River Bridge    13 December 2011   12:08pm

These wood piles had been driven into the  bottom  decades  ago, and had
remained  in  place  undisturbed  ever  since.   They  did  not  come  up  easily.
The backhoe operator had to work the boom from side to side while maintaining
a steady strong upward pull close to the limit of the machine's capacity – forcing
the barge  much  deeper  in the water.  After several  side-to-side  cycles of this
intense working, these old piles  finally  were  loosened so they could pulled up.
The barge's spud legs  demonstrated  their usefulness during this work.  In this
photograph, two of them are seen to be deployed – extended downward into the
sea bottom.  When the spud legs are  positioned  in this way,  the barge is free
to move vertically (as the tide rises or falls, or as the load imposed on the barge
varies as the backhoe operator reels in the sling, trying to pull these piles up)
but is constrained from horizontal movement (as tidal currents and wind
affect the barge, or as the backhoe operator works the boom from
side to side while pulling on recalcitrant piles).

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