Dominion Atlantic Railway
Bear River Bridge

Digby County, Nova Scotia

Dominion Atlantic Railway: Bear River Bridge, Digby County, Nova Scotia, 7 June 1912

Dominion Atlantic Railway    Bear River Bridges    7 June 1912

There were two versions of the railway bridge across the Bear River in Nova Scotia:
the first  wooden  bridge  built in 1890 and its  steel  replacement  built a few metres
downstream,  completed  in  1913.  Both  included  a  large  swing  span  at  the  far
west end  of the bridge  to allow ships  passage to the  busy  timber  wharves  in the
village of  Bear River  several  miles  upriver.   Both bridges  straddled  the boundary
between Annapolis and Digby Counties in Nova Scotia.  In this view, the new (1912)
bridge is in the early stages of construction beside the existing bridge built in 1890.

The new bridge, shown here under construction, was crossed by the last passenger
train on 15 January 1990.  The last freight train crossed about three months later.
The bridge was then in a deteriorated condition as a result of years of deferred
maintenance.  Further deterioration occurred during another twenty years of
disuse with no maintenance.  In 2011, the government of the province of
Nova Scotia, then the owner, had to choose between demolition
or an expensive restoration to a safe condition.

This photograph  was  purchased  in  2010  at an  estate  auction  at a  rural  fire  hall in
Pictou County.  The names of the previous owner and the photographer are not known.

Thanks to G. Clarke.

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