Province of Nova Scotia Financial Review
Interim Report

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Province of Nova Scotia
Financial Review
Interim Report


The HTML version offers two special features:

(1)  Generous use of links to provide the reader with easy and convenient movement to any part of the Report.

(2)  Some readers prefer a slightly larger type size for comfortable reading.  This version enables any reader to adjust the type size as desired with all of the text remaining within the available viewing area.

Neither of these features is available in the Official Version.

          (1)  The HTML version includes internal navigation links that enable viewers to move easily from one part of the report to another.

          The page breaks shown in the HTML version match the page breaks in the Official Version.  At the bottom of each page there is a link that will take the reader to the Table of Contents.

          The Table of Contents lists each of the Sections in the report with a direct link to each Section – enabling the reader to go, with a single click, directly to any Section or to any Table or Chart within any Section.  Compare the convenience of this with the tedious process that must be used, in the Official Version of this report, to find any particular Table or Chart. 

          For example, on page nine of the Report there is a reference to "Table N (found later in this report)".  In the Official Version, if the reader then wants to look at Table N, how does he/she go about finding it?  In this user-friendly version, the page nine reference to "Table N" is equipped with a link that will, with a single click, take the reader directly to Table N.  After viewing Table N, a single click of the Back button in the reader's browser will take him/her back to his/her former location.  In the Official Version, after having looked at Table N, how does the reader get back to his/her place on page nine?

          (2)  In the HTML version, the text can easily be made comfortably readable for all viewers, including those who need a larger text size.  "Comfortably readable" means that the text lines will remain completely readable without horizontal scrolling, no matter what screen width may be available or what text size may be chosen by the viewer.  For each combination of screen width and text size, the number of words in each line of text will automatically be adjusted so that the text line will not extend beyond the viewing area available – even with a narrow screen and/or a large text size.

          If you like, you can try out this feature right now, with this text.  Using your browser's usual method of adjusting the text size, you can enlarge this text in stages, one increment at a time, and see what happens on your screen with this text.  You should be able to enlarge this text as many as eight (and maybe more) increments without any text disappearing to the right or left, off the screen.

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How You Can Adjust the Size of Text
Displayed on Your Screen

In most modern browsers, a keyboard combination can be used to adjust the type size displayed on your screen.  The usual key combinations are:
   CONTROL +   to increase the type size, and
   CONTROL -   to decrease the type size.

In other words, to increase the type size:

1.  Press and hold down the CONTROL (CTRL) key.
2.  Press and release the + key.
3.  Release the CONTROL key.

If you want to increase the type size by more than one increment, at step 2 you can press and release the + key twice (two increments), or three times (three increments), and so on, to get as many increments as you want.

To decrease the displayed type size, use the same procedure except at step 2 press the - key.

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